41st Annual Holiday Salon Show

30 Artists




Opening: Saturday November 25, 5 - 7pm

Show Dates: November 25 - January 20, 2018



Across The Miles

Linda Puiatti


Winter Abstract Heron

James Coe


Trapps At Twilight

Kevin Cook

Green Ceramic and Lemons

Marsha Massih

Autumn Snowfall, Skytop

Hardie Truesdale






Vince Natale




Seine 4

Staats Fasoldt

Winter Country Lane

Carolyn H. Edlund



Winter's Edge

Susan Story




Purple Roses

Susan Barrasi



Paysage de Neige

Mireille Duchesne


Winter's Passage

Susan Miiller



Andrea McFarland


Quiet Afternoon on Raquette Lake

Marilyn Fairman


Early Moon Rise

Tarryl Gabel


The Gift

Danielle Wexler


Wallkill Fall

Marlene Wiedenbaum



Warm Light Pond

James Coe







Syracuse Dawn

Linda Puiatti






Patty's Apples

Susan Barrisi


























Crimson and Yellow

Mireille Duchesne





River Reflections

James Coe

























Mohonk Winter Thaw

Andrea McFarland





Dappled Light

Carolyn H. Edlund